Simple DIY Light Painting Brush

I've never really done much light painting before, always liked the idea of it but somehow have just never got round to it, or found the right subject for it.  Also I'm not hugely keen on wandering about in the dark, tripping over all the crap I have left lying around on the studio floor...

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Photographydarren turner
"One Person's Trash........" Props for Photographs

t's been ages since I've written anything for my blog so this post is long overdue. The last few months have just been so hectic that writing had unfortunately slipped to the back of the priority queue. Thankfully things are now starting to balance out; we've moved and settled in to our new house, my studio space is operational (yay!) and I have something that resembles an internet connection..... remember dial-up? Well my broadband is only marginally faster and probably less reliable....but you can't have everything right?

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Photographsdarren turner