5 Reasons Product Photography Matters To Your E-commerce Business


It goes without saying that e-commerce is big business, so much so that Statista.com reports e-commerce sales are predicted to account for 18% of UK retail sales in 2018.  By any definition, that's a sizable slice of very large pie (£358 bilion 2016 - Retaileconomics.co.uk) but it's a crowded and competitive market and one in which, the physical separation of product from potential purchaser, means that product images become fundamental to successful sales.

So, without further ado, here's five reasons why product photography matters to your e-commerce business.

1. Building Trust

Be honest, would you buy something without seeing it? Or buy something based on a blurry, poorly lit image? Sure the description might say all the right things, the price is the best on the internet but....

There is no getting away from it, we are visual creatures, we trust our eyes more than any of our other senses. Having images of your products gives consumers reassurance, it builds trust.

2. Your Product Images Complete Your Design

Your website is your window, beautifully designed, providing information for your customers and a memorable user experience that makes people want to return. Why have a fabulous window and then fill it with mediocre images?

"93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision"
-justuno.com, 65 E-Commerce Statistics about Consumer Psychology.

Your product images are part of the design, they should be consistent with the look and feel of your site and above all, be high quality.  

3. It's What Your Customers Want

According to Bigcommerce.com, 78% of online shoppers "want products to be brought to life with images..." (www.bigcommerce.com/blog/ecommerce-trends)

And why wouldn't they! When buying online you can't pick up the product, you can't touch it or feel it but by using original, high quality product photographs, showing multiple angles and product variations, we can go some way to replacing that tactile experience.

Update July 2018:  For some really bang up to date eCommerce trends and stats, check out 9 eCommerce Trends in 2018 over at Top 10 Website Hosting.

4. Images Are More Likely to Be Shared

Can you imagine instagram without any pictures? Would't really work would it. What about Facebook? Buzzsumo.com conducted a study which showed that Facebook updates which contained images, had 2.3x more engagement than those without images   (How To Massively Boost Your Blog Traffic With These 5 Awesome Image Stats).

High quality product images can not only be used in your online store but can provide added value when incorporated into blog posts or as part of a social media strategy.

5. High Quality Images Increase Conversion

Number five in the list but everything before has been building to this. High quality product images increase conversion for online stores when compared to having no images (nobody does that anymore right?!) or low quality photographs and ultimately, a higher conversion rates means more revenue received per visitor. 

It really is the bottom line!



Darren M Turner

Darren M Turner is a Still Life & Product Photographer based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland