A Few Eggs & A Lot of Heart

So my seven-year old niece, Chloe, is a budding chicken farmer and something of a junior entrepreneur!  She has about fifteen hens at the moment and supplies most of the family with fresh, free range eggs and take it from me, they are really yummy! She actually does quite well out of it and really does run it like a little business, using the money she makes to buy feed, bedding and has even recently invested in additional hens to increase production.  Quite the little business woman!  Of course she does get a little help from mum & dad and I don't expect she will be supplying Tesco anytime soon but as the saying goes, from small acorns........

Anyway, whats all this got to do with photography I hear you ask.  Well, a couple of weeks ago we visited Chloe and bought some eggs as usual and I noticed that she had put a small white sticker on the outside of the carton, on which she had written (in fluorescent pink) "Chloe's Eggs".  How cool is that!  She's only seven but is thinking about branding her product!!  I was so proud of her that I said we could take a few photos and get some labels professionally printed, so we put our heads together and came up with a few ideas and came up with this.

free range eggs inside a heart
free range eggs inside a heart

The heart is actually a handbag (the handles have been cloned out of the final shot) with the mesh insert removed.  Fill with a few eggs, suspend from boom, a couple of diffused lights, some reflectors and there you have it.  Simple shot, nothing ground breaking but it has made one little girl very happy and hopefully cemented my position as 'best uncle ever!!'

We're not finished yet either, Chloe and I have another shot planned, one that's slightly more 'dynamic'.  I've already said too much, top-secret!  ;)

Thanks Darren