Aaron Blaise - Something for the Weekend


So in my last post I mentioned that we have a spot in our living room reserved for a wonderful print by Aaron Blaise and I wanted to write a quick post pointing you in his direction. Aaron is an incredibly talented artist who worked as an animator for Disney for over twenty years.  It's not everyone that can say they have worked on The Lion King, Pocahontas, Mulan and Beauty and The Beast, to name just a few, now that's what you call an impressive resume! Oh and I forgot to mention he also directed Brother Bear and do you remember the wonderful John Lewis Christmas advert, The Bear and the Hare, from a couple of years ago? Well guess who did the animation!

In fact, as it's November.........well it's always worth another watch :)

It just never fails to make me feel all warm and festive, no matter how many times I've seen it before.

Aaron's work though isn't just limited to traditional drawing, painting and animation. He is also an amazing digital artist and produces some simply stunning pieces using Photoshop. I have personally picked up many tips and techniques from reading Aaron's blog and watching his videos, he also does a some great custom brush sets for Photoshop which are worth checking out.

So there you go, a quick Friday evening post, you can see more of Aaron Blaise's work over at his website The Art of Aaron Blaise and on his Youtube channel.

Hope you enjoy your weekend :)

Cheers Darren