Creativity, Inspiration & Grey Boxes

It's a very gloomy, rainy day here today.  Now thats neither particularly unusual nor very exiting I agree but it does bring me, in a roundabout way, to the topic of this post. The weather never really bothers me; I shoot in a studio so rain, snow, sun or eternal darkness, doesn't make a jot of difference.  I can carry on regardless, completely oblivious to the outside world and all its meteorological comings and goings, and therein lies the problem.  For while my little studio (and it is little!) may be quite practical, it's a workspace and the gloomy grey interior is hardly inspiring!

So the very thing that enables me to shoot pretty much whenever I like, is also the biggest handicap to my creativity.  Without exception, every idea or concept for a photograph that I have ever had, has come to me while I have been doing something completely unrelated to photography.  Sure I might expand the idea later but that initial spark?  That always comes at the most unlikely of moments, perhaps because of something I saw, or heard or even felt but it always seems to sneak up on a mind that wasn't looking for it.  Perhaps thats the key, perhaps a relaxed mind is a more creative one?

So I guess what I'm saying is, no matter what your passion happens to be; remember to step outside of the grey box once in awhile, whether its physically or metaphorically.  Go take a walk in the rain, or the sun, or do whatever!  Just remember that inspiration comes from life and if you don't live it...... well, you get the idea ;)

Cheers Darren

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