Moving To Squarespace

I was never really happy with my original website, I guess it was ok but really it was never what I had originally intended and it lacked any real direction or sense of purpose.  

So I decided to take a fresh look at it and basically start from scratch.  I had previously used Wordpress but it wasn't for me, all those options, add-ons and things to configure, it's great if you're in to that but it just left me with too many ways to mess it up!  

So after a few trials I finally settled on Squarespace as the platform for my new site.  Set up is pretty simple and doesn't require any coding or other 'techie' knowledge (though there are options for that if you are so inclined), templates have a modern look and feel and most importantly, I'm pretty sure I can't break it.  

All in all I'm very pleased with the result and happy to now have a site that is closer to my original vision.  Always room for improvement of course but at least now I feel I'm on the right track.

Check it out at :)



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