Nothing Worse Than An Empty Wall


There's nothing worse than an empty wall, a big empty space just crying out to have something hung on it. Whatever your preference, from fine art to family photos, having something on display really completes a room.  At least that's my thinking.

Well a couple of months ago we moved house. With that of course comes the inevitable reorganising, redecorating and endless rearranging of furniture to try to make it fit in such a way, that watching the TV doesn't give you whiplash and getting out of bed in the dark doesn't require wearing steel toe caps, to prevent the painful stubbing of my delicate toes.

Fortunately the worst is over. And I still have all my toes!

Unfortunately though, some of our wall art doesn't really suit the new place, particularly in the living room which was already nicely decorated and hasn't required an overhaul. The wall paper though, has such a bold pattern that whatever goes on the wall has to be simple and definitely not floral!

Now we have a fantastic print coming by one of my favourite artists, Aaron Blaise, which is going to look awesome above the fireplace but that leaves the back wall looking decidedly empty, and there's nothing worse than an empty wall right!

So I decided to create something myself. Something with a simple composition that would bring a splash of colour to the otherwise monochrome expanse and with autumn subtly spreading through Glenarm Forest, I didn't have to look to far for inspiration.

Autumn leaves, water drop and a splash
Autumn leaves, water drop and a splash

Haven't quite decided on the final crop yet, will have a play about with it before sending the file off to Loxely Colour and I think, I'll order one of their fabulous Alumini prints. Regardless though of what crop, or what type of product I end up with, the important thing for me is that I have created something and that it won't just spend the rest of its days on a hard drive.

In a digital age we are all a little guilty of keeping images as pixels on a screen but really, a photograph doesn't truly come to life until you can hold it in your hands.

Hope you having a good weekend :) Darren