Ok. So writing an 'about' page is a nightmare right?  I have spent more time than I'd like to admit trying to think what to write and how to write it. First person? Third person? Formal or informal??  In the end I just decided to wing it, start typing and whatever comes out..... comes out.  So while this might not be the perfectly written, highly polished few paragraphs that I had first imagined, at least it'll be me and not some scripted version :)

My name is Darren, my home is in the beautiful Glens of Northern Ireland where I live with my fabulous wife and three wonderfully crazy daughters, oh and I'm a product photographer.  Sums everything up quite nicely in one sentence and as tempted as I am just to leave it there and fly further in the face of convention, my rebellious streak has been curbed slightly so I'll continue, albeit briefly.

As a photographer I am largely self taught, trial and error is a wonderful thing......and possibly the reason I have so little hair.  Like most photographers I've tried my hand at various aspects over the years, portraits, sport, I even tried landscapes once, before quickly realising that getting up at 3am and stumbling across the countryside in the dark, really wasn't my idea of fun (I also got kinda lost but I don't like to talk about that).

It wasn't until I started shooting still life, that I really found home. It's my thing. It's my Spark. It's when I feel the most like 'me'.

So that's it! Anything else would just be writing for the sake of writing.  I hope you have enjoyed browsing through my portfolio and if you would like to know more, or if you would like to work with me, please get in touch:)

Tel: 077 6661 7911